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Fine Arts

Art preserves time in a way words cannot—it has inspired creation and documented historical events. Network with professional artists in our university gallery and build a compelling portfolio of your own work. Enrich and indulge your mind through creative expression and academic knowledge with a fine arts degree.

Art student painting

Fine Art Fast Facts

  • 88% Graduates Positively Rated this Program
  • 76% Employment Rate
  • 1,200 Square Foot Art Gallery Exhibiting Student and Professional Works
  • 4 Art studios for mixed-media and drawing/painting

Visit Oklahoma Christian University's 1,200-Square-Foot Art Gallery

Located in the Garvey Center, the gallery is open 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Nationally- and internationally-known artists and photographers display their work in OC’s thoughtfully designed art gallery. Often students meet these artists to learn about their work, their inspirations and methods and their career paths. The academic year ends with an exhibition highlighting creative, imaginative, meaningful pieces from our very own students.

Career Paths

Not only does an art degree allow you to create and follow your passions—art graduates have a wide range of career opportunities!

  • Art Therapist
  • Artist
  • Art Director
  • Illustrator
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Arts Administrator
  • Concept Artist
  • Museum/Gallery Curator
  • Creative Director
  • Photographer
Painting in art studio

Alumni Spotlight

I took an oil painting class my second year and it was over for me. I found a profound sense of purpose and knew this is what I must do. My degree helped me become a good English communicator and prepared me well for the public speaking I do now. I had a lot of course work to do but I was in the studio painting all the time.

Jennifer Wen Ma / 1994 graduate / Varied Media Visual Artist, NYC and Beijing / B.F.A. Advertising Design, Mass Communication minor
Jennifer Wen Ma

Fine Art Careers

What does your future as an artist look like?

Art Director

Median Salary: $69,100

Production Artist

Median Salary: $51,000


Median Salary: $45,100


Faculty Feature

My work shows how history can be distorted. My inspiration came from a PowerPoint for an art history class. I copied a Rembrandt slide, and inadvertently let go of the mouse. Photos overlapped and there it was — this three-eyed Rembrandt. I saw a deeper meaning and explored that meaning artistically.

David Crismon / Artist “Dislocated Histories” / Director of Fine Arts
Venice by david crismon