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Elec­tri­cal & Com­put­er Engineering

Electrical Engineers learn the inner workings of small, hand-held electronics to massive electrical grids. Computer Engineers focus on making computing systems safer, faster and more powerful. Add a Software Engineering emphasis to help meet Oklahoma’s job market demand.

engineering students
  • 100% of Electrical & Computer Engineering graduates are employed within six months of graduation
  • 1st to offer software engineering focused degrees in Oklahoma
  • 16 years of industry experience is average for OC faculty! We teach exactly what you need to know
  • 388 alumni to help you make industry connections and land internships

Add a soft­ware empha­sis to your degree to help meet the great mar­ket demand.

The OC Difference

We are engineers teaching the next generation of engineers. Small on class-size and big on labs, engineering faculty average 16 years of industry experience! We’ve developed a faith-filled curriculum to assure you graduate industry-ready in an environment built to strengthen faith and develop individual gifts.

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Engi­neer­ing Scholarships

You are wanted at OC, and we offer lots of scholarships to help make a stellar education in engineering possible. Actually 95% of OC students receive scholarships and aid. Our small class sizes give you opportunities for more hands-on learning, individual growth and mentorship, and a place where you are known and cared for.

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Engineering Careers

A Field with High Salaries and Great demand

Electrical & Electronics Engineers

Median Salary $99,070

Software Engineer/Developer: 21% job growth

Median Salary $105,590

Computer Hardware Engineer: 6% job growth

Median Salary $114,600

Computer Network Architect: 5% job growth

Median Salary $109,020

Computer & Information Systems Manager: 11% job growth

Median Salary $142,530


*source Bureau of Labor Statistics

Eagle Spotlight

I thought about being a tentmaker like Paul, working in a secular job and applying it to a spiritual job.

Zekariah McNeal / Electrical Engineering & Bible Major, 2016 / Harvard Law School, 2021
Zekariah McNeal

Take inter­est­ing class­es in dig­i­tal sig­nal pro­cess­ing, sys­tems design, advanced archi­tec­ture and networking.

Cat­a­pult into Engi­neer­ing Sum­mer Academy

Incoming ECE freshmen get to experience Engineering Summer Academy, earn class credit for Introduction to Engineering and build a solid community before fall classes even begin. You will decode encrypted messages, program robotic vehicles and, yes, catapult scientifically entertaining objects through the air. $585 covers course credit, materials and fees, plus room & board with early access to your dorm room.

Engineering Summer Academy

Joe Wat­son Fund

ECE alumni initiated the Joe Watson Fund to provide resources for the ECE department to fulfill its educational goals and objectives. Alumni and friends donate to maximize ECE impact, provide scholarships and improve labs and equipment. Help us offer more freshmen scholarships by donating.

Joe Watson 1

Outcomes & Objectives for Electrical & Computer Engineering

We've set predetermined goals for intentional education.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering

Some of the designations that set OC apart.

Electrical Engineering had a total of 62 undergraduate students in the 2019-20 school year. Degrees were awarded to ten graduates! Computer Engineering had a total of 32 undergraduate students in the 2019-20 school year. Degrees were awarded to eight graduates! Check out OC's historical enrollment.

ABET Accredited

OC's Electrical Engineering program has been accredited by the engineering accreditation commission of ABET since 1989 and Computer Engineering since 2002!

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