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Crim­i­nal Justice

As Christians, what will we do about the injustice, marginalization and inequality in our world? The Criminal Justice degree at OC initiates hard conversations around the American justice system that has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Learn how to work within the system and impact the system for truth, justice and mercy.

Degree Plans

CJ Main
  • 1,450+ Attended 2019 Criminal Justice conference
  • 2020 Target date for removing all juveniles from adult jails in Oklahoma
  • 3 Tenants: truth, justice, mercy

Com­plex Dialogue

Complex dialogue is an OC cornerstone that challenges our thinking to learn, change and grow in our faith together. Complex Dialogues is also the perfect name for our criminal justice conference. Bryan Stevenson’s 2019-keynote forced our audience into overflow seating on campus and live streamed to Tulsa. Oklahoma leaders from all aspects of the criminal justice system hashed out beliefs resulting in a governor-appointed task force to explore meaningful, statewide reform.

Complex Dialogue B Stevenson

Engag­ing with Issues

Distinguished Professor, Dr. Sid Brown and Criminal Justice students experience court first hand with District Judge Kenneth Stoner, a leader in drug, mental health and diversion courts. “Addiction is the public health crisis of our time, and is a significant underlying factor in the majority of cases at our courthouse. We can’t wait for somebody else to solve this problem for us. We have to be responsibly creative and innovate in this area,” said Judge Stoner.

Engaging Issues

Faculty Feature

Criminal Justice is an exciting career with many facets that are especially enhanced by a Christian worldview. Now is the time for socially conscious, ethical professionals in this field.

Dr. Sid Brown / Distinguished Professor
Sid Brown

Ques­tions? Email Dr. Brown!

Lead­ing Reform

“We honor what it means to care about justice when we become proximate enough to make a difference.” OC guest Bryan Stevenson, subject of the HBO documentary True Justice, author of Just Mercy and founder of Equal Justice Initiative, the Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice.