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Vienna Institute of Music

Where Music Comes Alive

Designed for serious students of music who will flourish in a faith-based environment, welcome to your classroom in the Music Capitol of the World!

Vienna Music

Offered Spring Semester to music majors and other inquisitive and capable students.

Natural History Museum Vienna

Learn in Vienna

Experience the history and theory of music with all of your senses. Stroll through the same streets that inspired Brahms, Vivaldi and Bruckner. View statues memorializing Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven. Refine your performance with private instruction, and audition for on-stage opportunities. Connect theology and the arts through biblical study and history. And study German while immersed in European culture.

Vienna Life

Live Your Best Life

Nestled in Vienna's vibrant 9th District, Das Millicanhaus, OC's European campus, offers a haven for students seeking an immersive cultural experience. The building's panoramic views provide a captivating glimpse of the cityscape, inviting you to observe the bustling life below. With private apartments and convenient access to local markets, students are empowered to live like locals, savoring the flavors of Vienna's culinary scene. When the call to explore beckons, the sophisticated U-Bahn public transit system is just steps away, ready to whisk you away to Vienna's countless attractions.

Tuition + $2900 housing + $6000 program fee*

Cost of Vienna Institute of Music

Tuition for the program is comparable to on-campus tuition, and financial aid and scholarships are typically applicable. For further inquiries, please contact Financial Services. Please note that the program fee is subject to change based on the size of the group and fluctuating travel costs. The final cost will be determined two weeks prior to departure.

Mission Fund Opportunities

If you intend to participate in mission work opportunities during the semester, you may raise up to $3,500 in mission funds. These funds can be raised through a church or the Center for Global Missions.

Deposit Requirements

Upon approval for the study abroad program, a non-refundable deposit of $500 will be required.

What's Included

Round-trip airfare OKC to Vienna

Airport transfers

2-month Eurail Pass to 20 European countries

Field trip to Italy

Second field trip tbd

Museums & attractions in Vienna & Italy

Mission opportunities in Germany/Hungary/Croatia

Vienna transportation pass

Vienna apartment w/laundry

Basic medical and travel insurance

Computer lab and internet access

International student ID card

Other Expenses

Private music instruction


Independent travel weekends/spring break

Food & personal items

Phone calls

Souvenirs & extra activities

Heath Jones

Travel Europe

Experiencing, learning and teaching music in Vienna and throughout Europe is a dream come true for anyone who loves and appreciates music. Spring semester is the best semester, beginning now!

Dr. Heath Jones / Professor of Music