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Study and Travel Opportunities

The world is your classroom. Picture yourself in a course in which travel is a part of the curriculum. Build your resume with a Study and Travel course focused on your specific discipline or kick off your freshman year in an unforgettable way.

European Street

Shakespeare|Shaw in Canada

Attend plays of William Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw at two of the preeminent festival theaters in North America. Open to all OC students, take a ten-day tour through Ontario, Canada, where you will watch and discuss plays over coffee with professors.

Shakespeare Tour2

First Class

First college class, first college friends, first time to Europe, first college experience, first passport stamp, first schnitzel, first time to walk more than 10 miles a day ... How many firsts will you have? Travel to Vienna, Austria this summer to take your First Class at Oklahoma Christian.

7 N5 A5527

Eagles on Wall Street

Experience international financial markets during a spring visit to New York City. See significant financial landmarks like New York Federal Reserve, Museum of Finance, United Nations and World Bank/IMF.

Students Walking OKC