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Packing Pro tips for your learning adventure

You're taking your college learning experience to the next level. While a passport is essential, careful planning ensures a smooth and stress-free packing process. Consider these helpful tips to navigate the packing process with ease and confidence:

  • Check your airline baggage policy as soon as possible. Exceeding baggage restrictions results in fees that you will need to pay.
  • Pack light! Lay out everything you want to take and then pack only HALF of it.
  • Don’t think three months or seven weeks. Pack for about seven days. You will be able to do laundry.
  • Take essentials and buy what you need in country. Europe has some of the same products as the U.S. and there are even Walmart-type stores in Japan.
  • Pack comfortable clothes that you don’t mind wearing often.
  • Shoes are heavy, but take two pairs. You will need good walking shoes, not just flip-flops.
  • One light, waterproof jacket is good for cold/wet days. Think layers!
  • Euro fall and spring students may need a couple of sweaters and a coat. Use plastic packing bags that suck out air to pack bulky items.
  • You must be able to carry all of your luggage by yourself. If you can’t, it’s too much! You need to be able to manage your luggage on crowded streets, up and down bus steps and on public transportation.
  • Pack a collapsible duffle or buy a bag in country to carry your purchases. When you return, you may have two checked bags with associated baggage fees.
  • Try shipping things home instead of carrying stuff back in your luggage. Prices are reasonable if you ship by boat. It can take up to two months.