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European Studies

Your learning comes to life with European culture, art, history, music, food and language. Come home with dozens of friendships, hundreds of memories and a couple extra pounds, thanks to the gelato.

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Summer Cost of European Studies

$4,990 per term - including tuition, six credits, room and fees

Take a trip to Vienna for the summer! Maybe you can't fit study abroad in during a semester, or you need to save a bit of money. Well, you're in luck! For $4,990, you can visit Vienna for seven weeks and earn six credit hours toward your degree. But, if you have a passion for travel and some extra time, plan to stay all 11 weeks! Plus, you can choose to do a couple of field trips along the way with your friends for $500 each.

To make sure you reserve your spot, you'll need to pay a $250 deposit. When traveling to Europe, you can decide to fly with the group, or book your own ticket. We'd be happy to help you schedule your travel!

What's Included

Vienna Transportation Passes

Apartment in Vienna w/ Laundry

Basic Medical & Travel Insurance

Computer Lab & Internet Access

International Student ID Card

Plan for Other Expenses

Croatian Coast | $500 | May 25-29

Austrian & German Alps | $500 | June 22-26


Food & Personal Items



Phone Calls

Das Mil­li­can­haus

Between excursions across Europe, students and their faculty sponsor live and study at Das Millicanhaus, OC’s academic and residential facility in Vienna’s 9th District. Students shop in local grocery stores and markets and cook their own food, giving them the chance to live like local residents.

Vienna neighborhood 8

Faculty Leaders

OC's well trained and experienced faculty lead students in classroom learning as well as educational experiences in Vienna, Austria and beyond.

Kelsey Herndon / Assistant Director|Office of International Programs
Vienna Class

Semester Cost of European Studies

Tuition + $2900 housing + $6000 program fee*

Tuition is the same as on campus and typically financial aid and scholarships apply. Contact Financial Services with questions. *The program fee is an estimate that can fluctuate based on the size of the group and changing travel cost. The final cost will be determined two weeks prior to departure.

You may raise up to $3,500 in mission funds if you are participating in the mission work opportunities during the semester. These funds are raised through a church or the Center for Global Missions.

Once approved, a $250, non-refundable deposit is due.

What's Included

Round-trip airfare OKC to Vienna

Airport transfers

2-month Eurail Pass to 20 countries

Field trip to Italy

Second field trip tbd

Mission opportunities to Germany/Hungary/Croatia

Vienna transportation passes

Museums & attractions in Vienna/Italy

Apartment in Vienna w/Laundry

International student ID card

Basic medical and travel insurance

Computer lab and internet access

Plan for Other Expenses

Independent travel weekends

School break travel

Food & personal items

Phone calls