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Study Abroad

Feed your need for exploration and experience in a classroom an ocean away or across borders. Remove all boundaries from your faith journey by navigating language, culture and place with your classmates.

Study abroad

Expe­ri­ences with a Life­time of Impact

Learn by exploring, discovering and questioning through museums, churches, culture, transportation and life. Study:

  • European Civilization
  • Aesthetics
  • Christianity & Culture
  • German
  • Perspectives in Literature
  • Cross Cultural Perspective
  • Oral Communication
  • Network Modeling
  • International Business
  • Hebrew Bible after the Holocaust
  • Medical Humanities
  • Systems in Psychology
  • Human Geography
  • Honors Experience
Study abroad museum

Eagle Spotlight

I’ve learned values I never would’ve anywhere else. I’ve seen cultures, lived among communities, experienced different ways of communication, and interacted amongst various nations. Study Abroad gives wisdom to last a lifetime. I'm truly grateful to learn about the people we share this world with.

Hunter Cabe, Wichita Falls, TX / Summer Vienna 2018
Hunter Cabe



Locat­ed in Vienna’s 9th Dis­trict in a safe neigh­bor­hood near trans­porta­tion and shop­ping, Das Mil­li­can­haus is OC’s home in Austria.

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