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Chickasaw U

The work-based nursing program at the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center (CNMC) is designed for current CNMC employees who want to earn a BSN. Contact the Education Department at CNMC for more information.

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Become a Chick­a­saw nurse

Work and Learn with a Purpose

Your acceptance into OC's online nursing program means you are a college student and a nursing assistant! Care for patients under the supervision of registered nurses, so you get on-the-job training while taking classes. You're earning a degree alongside a paycheck! Mentors will help you along your journey in both nursing and school to help set you up for success.

Apply to Chickasaw U

Learn using videos, live-chats, group dis­cus­sions, read­ings, case stud­ies & projects.

Online Nurs­ing Classes

Become skilled at nursing patients from infants to adults and learn valuable tools in leadership and psychology. Your OC nursing degree will equip you for NCLEX success and a great nursing career.

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Save Mon­ey

Join our affordable BSN nursing program! Your entire Bachelor of Science in Nursing could cost $33,550. Your job is your classroom alongside learning from virtual and online experiences.

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Chickasaw U

Course schedule

You will learn to be a nurse with great skills and caring compassion. Check out the courses (may change).

Year One

The Christian Scholar, Life of the Early Church, Biology I Foundations of Life, Intro to Chemistry, English Comp I, English Comp II, US History, Intro to American Politics, College Algebra, General Psychology, Intro to Nursing

Year Two

Great Works, Maternal Infant, Pathophysiology I, Adult Nursing I, Adult Nursing II, Mental Health Nursing, Health Care Missions, Bible Elective, Statistical Math

Year Three

Great Works, Maternal Infant, Pathophysiology II, Adult Nursing I, Adult Nursing II, Mental Health Nursing, Health Care Missions, Bible Elective

Year Four

Bible Elective, Capstone in Nursing, Community Nursing, Senior Nursing Leadership & Management, Child & Family, Adult Nursing III, Trends & Issues, Nursing Research, Capstone: Christ and His World