Faculty List

Cami Agan, Ph.D., Department Chair, Professor of Language and Literature

Scott LaMascus, Ph.D., Vice President of Academic Affairs, Professor of Language and Literature

Joe E. McCormack, M.A.T., Associate professor of English (emeritus), Director of American English Institute

Gail Nash, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English

Willie Steele, Ph.D., Professor of Language and Literature

Jenny Towns, M.A., Visiting Instructor

Tina Ware, Ph.D., Professor of Spanish

Dr. Cami AganCami Agan, Ph.D.

Professor of Language and Literature

Chair, Dept. of Language and Literature

  • B.A., Oklahoma Christian University
  • M.A., Boston College
  • Ph.D., Duquesne University

Office: LC 226

Office phone: 405.425.5332

Email: Dr. Cami Agan

Dr. Cami Agan teaches courses in British Literature, Film Studies, Composition and Honors Humanities and specializes in Medieval, British 18th century, and Utopian studies.  She is the sponsor for OC’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honors Society. Her favorite courses to teach are her upper-level courses such as Shakespeare, Chaucer and Jane Austen.  Recently, Dr. Agan published a chapter on the 18th century dramatist Frances Sheridan in Approaches to Teaching Restoration and 18th Century Women Playwrights; an article entitled “Song as Mythic Conduit in Fellowship of the Ring”, and has a forthcoming chapter in Approaches to Teaching J.R.R Tolkien.  Dr. Agan is a member of MLA (Modern Language Association), ASECS (American Society for the Eighteenth Century Studies), the Medieval Academy of America, and the Society for Utopian Studies. 

When asked what she likes most about the Language and Literature Department, she said: “I love the community spirit and the exchange of ideas.  Students and faculty create wonderful relationships in the department.”

Outside of her academic work, Dr. Agan is interested in mid-century architecture, art and art history, cooking, and antiquing. She loves to read Louise Erdrich, Philip Roth, Margaret Atwood, and Ursula K. LeGuin.  “I try to read people who are living because I teach so many authors of the distant past.”

Dr. Scott LamascusScott LaMascus, Ph.D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Professor of Language and Literature

Director, The McBride Center for Faith and Literature

Consulting Editor, The Christian Chronicle

  • B.A., Oklahoma Christian University
  • M.A., University of Oklahoma
  • Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Office: LC 221

Office phone: 405.425.5328

Email: Dr. Scott LaMascus

Dr. Scott LaMascus currently serves as the Vice President of Academic Affairs.  Previously, he was the Chair of the Department of Language and Literature, Director of the Honors Program and was a recipient of the Faculty Leadership Award. Dr. LaMascus continues to bring nationally renowned authors to OC's campus through the McBride Center for Faith and Literature. He chaired a panel on 2007 speaker Marilynne Robinson at the prestigious Modern Language Association (MLA) conference in December of 2007. 

Gail NashGail Nash, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English

  • B.A., Oklahoma Christian University - English (TEFL)
  • M.A., Oklahoma State University - English (Technical Writing)
  • Ph.D., Oklahoma State University - English (TEFL)

Office: LC 238

Office phone: 405.425.5345

Email: Dr. Gail Nash

Dr. Nash is a professor of language who teaches courses such as TEFL Methods, Intercultural Communication, Structure of the English Language, and various composition courses.  She specializes in second language writing, writing center pedagogy, and case study research.  Her favorite course is TEFL Methods because she “can show students tools of language teaching and also tie those techniques to theories of language teaching and learning”. Dr. Nash is the advisor for TEFL students, the director of the Writing Center, and coordinator for the community literacy program. 

Recently, Dr. Nash presented “Talk Makes It Serious.”: Researching the Role of Tutor Feedback on Student Revisions at the 2012 International Writing Center Association Conference in San Diego, California.  She also presented at the 2009 Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference and the 2008 International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference. Her publishing accomplishments include “Conference Simulation in an English Composition Course” (2007) and “Politeness in the Writing Center: An Analysis of NS Tutor and NNS Student Discourse” (2006).  

“My colleagues in the department are what I most appreciate and love about our department.  Each one, including our adjunct instructors, is an effective, dedicated professor—worthy of respect and admiration.  Our department includes brilliant, strong-willed faculty who also manage to be quite loyal and supportive of each other.  We enjoy a high level of solidarity despite different areas of focus and even different opinions.” 

Outside of her academic work, Dr. Nash loves to travel, hike, ride bikes, participate in mission-related activities, and keep up with family, friends and former students. She enjoys reading “classic” authors like Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, John Steinbeck, and Mark Twain as well as more contemporary “fun” reading like Amy Tan, Isaac Singer, Alexander McCall Smith, and historical fiction. 

Willie Steele, Ph.D.

Professor of Language and Literature

  • B.A., Lipscomb University
  • M.A., Middle Tennessee State University
  • Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Office: LC 236

Office phone: 405.425.5339

Email: Dr. Willie Steele

Dr. Willie Steele is a professor of literature and composition who specializes in American Literature, Civil War Literature, Holocaust Literature and Sports (specifically baseball) Literature. He enjoys reading historical and sports biographies as well as anything related to the Civil War and political history. Dr. Steele has presented multiple times at the annual Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture at the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum as well as many other regional and national conferences related to his favorite topics: baseball and the Civil War.  He says, “My favorite things about the department are the collegiality with the faculty and students and the freedom to research and teach in my specific areas of interest”.

In 2011, Dr. Steele’s book A Member of the Local Nine: Baseball and Identity in the Fiction of W.P. Kinsella was published by McFarland.  Dr. Steele is currently working on W.P. Kinsella’s official biography at the request of Mr. Kinsella.  Following his passion for the Civil War, Dr. Steele is also co-authoring a chapter on teaching Civil War Literature for an upcoming book for the MLA.

Outside of teaching and writing, Dr. Steele enjoys running marathons, playing guitar, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Jenny Towns, M.A.Jenny Towns

Visiting Instructor

  • B.A. in English from Freed Hardeman in Henderson, TN
  • M.A. from University of Louisville in Louisville, KY
  • Working on doctorate at University of Oklahoma

Office: LC 256

Office phone: 405.425.5340

Email: Jenny Towns

Jenny Towns, a visiting instructor, currently teaches composition and writing classes at OC. She is originally from southern Indiana. Towns is interested in Christian Education and has taught at Freed-Hardeman University. Her favorite courses to teach are English Literature because she loves Medieval and Early Modern literature. Towns is working on a doctorate in Medieval and Early Modern literature at University of Oklahoma.

Dr. Tina WareTina Ware, Ph.D.

Professor of Spanish

  • B.A., Baylor University - Spanish
  • M.A., Baylor University - Communications
  • Ph.D., Texas Tech University - Spanish

Office: LC 234

Office phone: 405.425.5336

Email: Dr. Tina Ware

Dr. Tina Ware teaches a variety of Spanish courses from Beginning Spanish to Spanish Linguistics.  She is the sponsor for OC’s Spanish Club, created the Spanish Immersion Lab, and, along with her husband, sponsored the 2012 Costa Rica Spring Break Program.  Dr. Ware says that she loves the Language and Literature Department because “it’s such a tight-knit group of fun, interesting personalities”.  In 2007, she co-edited and contributed to Recipes for Success in Foreign Language Teaching.

In her spare time, Dr. Ware likes to read, do yoga, watch movies, cook, and travel.  When asked what she like to read for pleasure, she said that in addition to J. Jance and Sandra Cisneros, Dr. Ware “can’t get enough of Tess Gerritsen’s murder mystery medical dramas”.