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Freshman HSA Courses Completed Freshman Year Spring 2024

Select two courses from two different subject areas!

Introduction to Engineering I

Professional Studies

Professor Brad Copeland. This course is designed to introduce you to electrical, computer and mechanical engineering studies through lectures, problem solving, and applied lab experiences. You will study the various approaches to engineering using the lab as an illustration of how engineers develop and implement solutions in their fields.

Introduction to Wise Business Practices

Professional Studies

Dr. Burt Smith. This course explores the world of business, the free enterprise system, and why a career in the business world is not only consistent with God’s will, but offers opportunities for far-reaching service. Students will gain an understanding of what business is, its major functions, and how the business leader is both a steward and a servant. Whether the student chooses business as formal study or not, he or she will learn skills that can be used in any career.

Life-Giving, Life-Saving Chemistry

Professional Studies

Dr. Amanda Nichols. A hands-on introduction to the chemistry of life. From biomolecules that make up living beings to synthetic molecules capable of saving lives, the power of the One True God is revealed through the chemistry that makes life possible.

Introduction to Apologetics: Faith, Doubt & Evidence


Dr. Jim Baird, OC Distinguished Professor. Many Christians want to know what to say that will help others understand why we believe what we believe. This class is a start on learning exactly that. We will understand some of the powerful evidence God has provided for Himself and for faith in Jesus. Through readings and classroom discussion, students will begin learning to give answers about their faith. Answers without anger and without timidity. Answers given in kindness and in love.

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