Honors Advisory Council

Honors Advisory Council (HAC) is a student leadership group serving the Honors Program at Oklahoma Christian University. The mission of HAC is to enhance and advance the Honors Program student experience by organizing social events, coordinating service opportunities, and representing the interests and needs of the students of the Honors Program - all at an independent, student-run level. The Honors Program holds student elections at the end of each academic year.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2017-18 Honors Advisory Council:

     Kennedy McAlister, President
     Parker LaMascus, , Vice President
     Shelby Smoot , Secretary/Treasurer
     Hadley LaMascus , Service Director
     Samantha Cowan, Alumni Relations/Student Development
     Megan McKinley, Senior Representative
     Peter Miller, Junior Representative
     Brendan McKinley, Sophomore Representatitive
     Voting Sept. 2017Freshmen Male Representatives
     Voting Sept. 2017, Freshman Female Representative

2016-17 Honors Advisory Council:

HAC web photo

     Parker LaMascus, President
     Jared King, Vice President
     Preston Coleman, Secretary/Treasurer
     Cody Milner , Service Director
     Samantha Cowan, Alumni Relations/Student Development
     Emily Dabney, Senior Representative
     Austin Wondra, Junior Representative
     Becca Bingham, Sophomore Representatitve
     Hadley LaMascusFreshmen Male Representatives
     Shelby Smoot, Freshman Female Representative