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Degree Requirements

The courses offered in the M.Div. curriculum are of two types: required core courses, and elective courses.

I. FOUNDATIONS (15 hours)

BIBL 5013 Introduction to Graduate Biblical Studies
GREK 5103* Elementary Greek I
GREK 5113* Elementary Greek II
HBRW 5113* Elementary Hebrew I
HBRW 5123* Elementary Hebrew II

* Advanced standing for these courses may be obtained through examination for those who have already had formal training in Greed and/or Hebrew.


BIBL 5113 Intro to the Old Testament and Its Theologies
BIBL 5213 Intro to the New Testament and Its Theologies
BIBL 5623   Advanced Biblical Exegesis


CHST 5003 Historical Theology I
CHST 5013 Historical Theology II
THEO 5003 Systematic Theology
THEO 5853 Theology for Ministry



GMIN 5013* Christian Spiritual Formation
GMIN 5523* Biblical & Contemporary Evangelism
GMIN 5533* Preaching and Communicating Scripture
GMIN 5833* Managing Conflict, Transition, and Change


GMIN 5913 Field Education


COMP 5901         M.Div. Comprehensive Examination

The capstone event for the Master of Divinity candidate is a comprehensive examination in which the student demonstrates the ability to integrate graduate-level biblical studies and ministry skills.  The comprehensive exam includes a written response to a case study, an oral presentation related to the case study, and an oral defense before an examining committee.


Choose any seven courses from the following list in conjunction with academic adviser. 

BIBL 5223 Seminar in the Gospels
BIBL 5233 Acts and Ministry Formation
BIBL 5243 Seminar in the Pauline Epistles
BIBL 5253* Seminar in Selected NT Passages
BIBL 5313 Wisdom Literature
BIBL 5XX3 Politics and Power in Israel's First History: Deuteronomy - 2 Kings
BIBL 5363 Seminar in Selected OT Passages
GREK 5123 Intermediate Greek
GREK 5203 Selected Greek NT Readings
HBRW 5213 Intermediate Hebrew I
CHST 5023 History of the Restoration Movement
THEO 5003 Contemporary Theology
THEO 5013 Ethics
THEO 5033 Seminar in Selected Theology Topics
THEO 5113 Theology of Worship
THEO 5143 Non-Christian Religions
THEO 5153 Philosophical Theology
FMIN 5033* Seminar in Selected Family Ministry Topics
FMIN 5103 Family Life Ministry
FMIN 5303 Applications of Family Life Ministry
FMIN 5313 Systems Theory in Ministry
FMIN 5503 Marriage and Family Dynamics
FMIN 5543 Marriage and Family Therapy
GMIN 5843* Special Topics in Ministry
GMIN 5003 Ministry in Cities and Small Towns
GMIN 5023 Congregational Ministry
GMIN 5043 Adult Learning
GMIN 5113 Theology of Worship
GMIN 5513 Congregational Development and Administration
GMIN 5743 Counseling for Ministers
YTMN 5033* Seminar in Selected Youth Ministry Topics
YTMN 5103 Adolescent Culture
YTMN 5163 Adolescent Physical and Spiritual Development
TYMN 5203 Teaching Adolescents

*Note: the selected topics in this course will vary.  Consequently, this course may be repeated as content varies.


Choose two courses in conjunction with academic adviser.

BIBL 5713 Scripture Thesis I
BIBL 5723 Scripture Thesis II
THEO 5713 Theology Thesis I
THEO 5723 Theology Thesis II