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Trauma Informed Family Support

Preparing you to help others when they need it most. A certificate requiring three online courses to better equip you for Trauma Informed Family Support.

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Trauma Informed Family Support

You're Already Faced With Persons Experiencing Trauma

Quickly Become Better Equipped

The Trauma Informed Family Support certificate is designed for those who work in non-profit, law enforcement, ministry, healthcare, coaching, education, academic counseling or any field supporting persons who may have experienced personal trauma in their lives. Learn to be therapeutic in conversations when you are trauma-informed.

You are needed

  • 20% LPC and LMFT professionals in Oklahoma are reaching the end of their careers, 20% are retirement age or older.
  • 487 Only 487 new counselors and therapists are licensed each year in Oklahoma.
  • 1 The no. 1 greatest need is for quality candidates who are ethical, curious, flexible and teachable.
  • 3 Only 3 courses are required for you to receive a Trauma Informed Family Support Certificate at OC.

3 Online Cours­es | $3,000

Complete your application, become accepted into the program, then get started as soon as you are ready. Classes are online, so you can work at your own pace to take the 3 courses for $3,000!

  • Family Trauma & Resilience
  • Basic Therapy Skills
  • Parent & Relationship Education
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Col­lege of Human­i­ties and Bible

Note from the Dean

Many of us have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Sudden changes in health, family life, interpersonal relationships, work and finances to name only a few, have been traumatic and left many of our lives deeply altered. In response to this and other types of trauma, Oklahoma Christian University's College of Humanities and Bible now offers a Certificate in Trauma informed Family Support. This Certificate contains three courses: Family Trauma and Resilience, Basic Therapy Skills and Parenting and Relationship Education. These courses provide training for ministers, church leaders, social service workers, community counselors, law enforcement personnel, human resource professionals and many others working with those facing trauma and recovery. The certificate can be completed online and at one's own pace and schedule. As OC's College of Humanities and Bible develops the whole person for Christian faith and service, we encourage you to consider whether this certificate will benefit you or others in the church, community or workplace.

Sincerely, Dr. Charles M. Rix

Apply Now

Trau­ma & Recovery

Demonstrate to your employer and the public that you are prepared to meet the needs of those you serve with a Certificate in Trauma Informed Family Support.

  • Be prepared for a post-covid reality.
  • Enhance your personal confidence and strengths.
  • Engage those you serve from a dynamic, systemic perspective.
  • Integrate evidence-based strategies that promote healing, foster resilience and inspire hope.
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