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Dialogismos Academic Journal

Dialogismos, the result of thorough reasoning, is a fully refereed, open-access academic journal published annually by the Graduate School of Theology. Initiating and advancing dialogue on biblical and theological study topics, the journal allows scholars to negotiate different points of view.

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* ISSN 2576-7534

Dial­o­gis­mos con­tributes to schol­ar­ly con­ver­sa­tion by fos­ter­ing crit­i­cal dia­logue for the sake of grow­ing faith and encour­ag­ing learning.

Identify the category for your work at the time of submission.

Submit Your Research in One of 3 Categories


Full-length (i.e., 8,000–10,000 words, excluding footnotes), fully-developed pieces that reflect clear theory/model/methodology applied to a pertinent topic or text


More tentative and exploratory pieces that may not be as fully developed as articles but are still worthy of publication in order to generate interest and dialogue; these are still expected to reflect clear theoretical and methodological thought, but conclusions and applications may yet be tentative (minimum of 5,000 words)

Reviews/Review Articles

Reviews of books, articles, software, theories, models, methods; review articles are more substantial examinations and evaluations of books, articles, theories, models, methods and should have a minimum of 5,000 words