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An advanced degree in bib­li­cal stud­ies equips you to answer hard ques­tions, lead with vision and do the only work that real­ly matters.

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How much does a Master of Arts degree cost?

  • $0 Your first class is free, apply now to enroll for Fall 2021.
  • $1000 We will match your church scholarship up to $1,000 per year!
  • 36 Credit hours needed to complete the MAC&C degree, keep going to earn a MDiv
  • 100% Online MAC&C classes conveniently fit with your schedule.

Grad­u­ate School of Theology

Mission Statement

The Graduate School of Theology (GST) in the College of Humanities and Bible seeks to fulfill the mission of Oklahoma Christian University to transform lives for Christian faith, scholarship, and service. The GST provides rigorous training for the intellectual and spiritual development of persons seeking a life of ministry within the church, academy, and world.

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Equipped for Ministry

Dr. Amanda Madrid - CEO of Predisan Health Ministries in Catacamas, Honduras - shares how OC's graduate program has equipped her for ministry. Sharing God's Word with Predisan patients and their families is important to Dr. Madrid and the faculty and resources she's encountered at Oklahoma Christian have fueled and supported her passion. Find or further your calling, purpose and passion with OC's Graduate School of Theology!

The first class is FREE! Apply now for fall 2021.

Master of Arts in Christianity and Culture *First Class FREE*

The Theology Degree for Every Christian

The Master of Arts in Christianity and Culture from Oklahoma Christian University empowers ministry at the intersections of biblical texts, Christian communities and the cultures we inhabit. The 100% online courses allow students world-wide to converge with Ph.D. professors who are certified in online teaching. Journey through the degree with a cohort of classmates who offer collaboration, support and encouragement.

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We have poured resources into building a program of the highest quality at a very competitive cost. Quality plus cost equals value: value to your church, your ministry, your community and your finances.

Mas­ter of Divin­i­ty — M.Div.

Allow God to use you to bring life-changing messages to your congregation, or offer guidance and counsel to people as a chaplain. A Master of Divinity degree from Oklahoma Christian University will help you increase in the gift of knowledge as you study in the original languages of Hebrew and Greek, dive into history and theology and learn how to foster spiritual formation toward a deeper connection with God.

Inte­grate bib­li­cal stud­ies with min­istry skills in fam­i­ly min­istry, youth min­istry or gen­er­al ministry.

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

Experiences in Christian ministry combine the epitome of joy with the deepest heartbreak. You celebrate life’s great events of marriages, births and baptisms. You will also experience grief at the loss of life, broken families and the ultimate heartbreak of souls who reject your teaching of truth and the love of Jesus. Prepare your heart for the joy and pain of ministry with a Master of Arts degree from Oklahoma Christian University. Learn to lead a church, a ministry or a non-profit organization with vision casting, strategic planning, developing culture, preaching, dealing with transition and change as well as conflict and division.

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

Mas­ter of The­o­log­i­cal Studies

Improve your understanding of the Bible or map out your path to doctoral studies with a Master of Theological Studies from Oklahoma Christian University. You will learn to think theologically and exegete Christian texts. Choose your area of study: scripture or theology, in a thesis or non-thesis track.

Gen­er­at­ing crit­i­cal yet rea­soned dia­logue on var­i­ous top­ics in bib­li­cal and the­o­log­i­cal stud­ies, cre­at­ing a con­text for dis­cussing and test­ing ideas, for dis­cern­ing what is ben­e­fi­cial, and for cling­ing to what is good

Dialogismos Academic Journal

Dialogismos contributes to scholarly conversation by fostering critical dialogue for the sake of growing faith and encouraging learning. Dialogismos, the result of thorough reasoning, is a fully refereed, open-access academic journal published annually by the Graduate School of Theology. Initiating and advancing dialogue on biblical and theological study topics, the journal allows scholars to negotiate different points of view.

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