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If you wish to mature your ability to lead and do good in the world, our online, interdisciplinary Master's in Leadership is for you. This degree program will provide a core set of Leadership courses that then allow you to specialize in the focus area of your choosing! Jumpstart your career at OC!

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Mas­ter of Arts in Leadership

Leadership Core

12 Core Hours + 9 Elective Hours + 9 Track Hours

Lead­er­ship Tracks

Organizational Leadership

9 Hours

Global Leadership

9 Hours

Non-Profit Leadership

9 Hours

Church Leadership

9 Hours

Where Will Your M.A.L. Take You?

Live to Lead

A Master of Arts in Leadership will set you up to excel in your career, preparing you to achieve your dream of becoming a...

Human Resources Manager - $121,220 per year

Market Research Analyst - $65,810 per year

School Principal - $98,4990 per year

Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Manager - $141,490 per year

Medical and Health Services Manager - $104,280 per year

... and more!

Salaries sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Distinctions of an OC M.A.L. Graduate

Master of Leadership Outcomes

You will ...

1. Possess an advanced understanding of core leadership knowledge, including important leadership theories, principles and effective frameworks for decision-making.

2. Be able to use advanced leadership skills in their organizational contexts, including conflict resolution and peacemaking, effective leadership communication and problem

analysis and solution implementation.

3. Be able to apply a Christian worldview in the practice of leadership, including ethical behavior and decision-making and leadership of others toward good ends.

4. Be prepared for a leadership position in your career and/or vocation, using your leadership abilities in your chosen field.