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Engineering Summer Academy

Freshman engineering majors, kick off your college experience July 24-29 with Engineering Summer Academy. Work in small teams to solve engineering projects such as catapult launches, decoding encrypted messages and programming robotic vehicles as you explore the different areas of engineering.

Engineering Summer Academy

Engi­neer­ing Sum­mer Acad­e­my 2022 is July 24 – 29.

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Meet your engi­neer­ing peers and pro­fes­sors before class­es even begin!

Cost and Space

$585 includes one hour of course credit (ENGR 1111 Introduction to Engineering) as well as room and board for the entire week. Payment can be made online.

Space is limited to the first 54 eligible students.

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Dorm Rooms

Student housing opens Saturday, July 24 between 1 and 4 p.m. for students attending Engineering Summer Academy. Move into your dorm a week early! (Housing opens for other incoming freshman on Saturday, July 30.)

Mens premium dorm room

What’s Next

Immediately following Engineering Summer Academy is Earn Your Wings. Freshman learning what it means to be an Eagle. Your orientation week will be filled with getting to know your fellow newbies with one crazy themed activity after the next, serving the community on Kite Day, learning OC’s history and becoming a part of it, enjoying some quality entertainment and implementing daily habits of worship.

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Engineering Summer Academy

Email any addi­tion­al ques­tions. We’re here to help.