Academic Information

Degrees Offered:

The department of electrical and computer engineering offers two degrees:

Both programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

ECE Faculty:

The ECE faculty is comprised of six engineers with over 100 years of engineering experience.  This experience allows us to integrate engineering practice with theory and to bring a real world approach to engineering education.  This has impacted the ECE program in three important ways:

  1. An innovative curriculum that helps you become immediately productive
  2. A model capstone design sequence that emulates industry
  3. A valuable resource for you to learn from successful engineers

ECE Curricula:

The ECE faculty has designed curricula for both degrees to prepare you for a successful engineering career. You can view the details online or print them out here. The degree programs are both set up in the following manner:

1. First two years: The foundation for computer and electrical engineering

  • Engineering: Begin your engineering education immediately with five engineering courses
  • Math & Science: Add to your engineering toolbox with 32 hours of math and science

2. Junior Year: The core of electrical and computer engineering

  • Breadth: Take a common CE and a common EE course each semester
  • Depth: Add two additional CE or EE courses each semester (depending on major)

3. Senior Year: Transition from college to career

  • Capstone Design Sequence: Work on real engineering problems from conception to completion
  • Engineering Economics: Learn the business of engineering
  • ECE Electives: Choose from courses designed to add breadth and depth to your degree
  • Senior Engineering Seminar: Gain wisdom from successful engineers and build a network of job opportunities