Interesting Classes I Might Take

  • Forensic Analysis: An integrated study of various up-to-date technologies used by forensic scientists.  Students get hands-on experience with equipment like the the comparison microscope.
  • Forensic Science Practicum: Put what you learned in the classroom and lab into real-world application.  Past students have worked at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in the following areas: latent evidence unit (fingerprinting, footwear and tire impressions), gunshot residue analysis unit, and controlled dangerous substances unit.
  • Forensic Science and the Law: Learn about how the law relates to forensic science.  What can a forensic scientist testify to in court?
  • Astronomy: This is a course designed for all students including non-science majors.  Get a chance to use the new observatory and telescope on the night sky!  
  • Inorganic Chemistry: An advanced, in-depth study about Inorganic Chemistry where students get to explore concepts with group activities like the Symmetry Scavenger Hunt. Students also get to work independently on a chemistry lab project that they design.  
  • Modern Physics: Expand your mind by learning about the Schrodinger equation, special relativity, and quantum theory.
  • All Courses