Preaching Scholarships

To Audition for a Preaching Scholarship:

No later than February 15, complete all of the steps below.

1. If you have not already done so, fill out the New Student Scholarship Application

2. Click here to create an application account. This account will allow you to easily submit the needed items below through a student dashboard. As part of this process, you will be emailed a special code that you will use to log in to your dashboard. Be sure to keep this code, as you will need it each time you access your dashboard.

3. Using the student dashboard, send a request to a church leader asking them to fill out a Student Recommendation Form. 

4. From the dashboard, submit a one-page sermon synopsis containing the following:

  • One primary biblical text.
  • A focus statement - a short description of the central theme of the sermon - what the sermon is about.
  • A function statement - a short description of the desired change in the hearers - what the sermon aims to do.
  • A brief outline of the introduction, main body (points or moves), and conclusion.

5. Also from the dashboard, submit an 8-10 minute video of the applicant preaching the sermon described in the one-page synopsis. This video will need to be in an MPEG4 format.

If you have any problems with this application process, please contact Dr. Doug Peters at or Mr. Josh Bailey at

Preaching Scholarships combined with Bible and Academic Scholarships:

 Academic Scholarship  Preaching  Bible  Annual Total
 Founders’ Scholarship  $11,000  $5,120  $3,000  $19,120 
 Presidents’ Scholarship   $9,000  $3,000  $2,000  $14,000
 Dean’s Scholarship  $6,000  $3,000  $3,000  $12,000
 Eagle Scholarship  $4,000  $3,000  $2,560  $9,560 

The total award for individual students may be adjusted based on the amount available in endowed scholarship funds.