Track and Field

  1. This meet is for independent athletes as well as club athletes. All students are eligible except for varsity track team members.
  2. All clubs should try to determine their entries before the meet.
  3. All entries will be taken when each event is called at the site of the event.
  4. There is no limit on the number of events one can enter.
  5. Only clubs can run relays!! One team per club.
  6. There will be 3 attempts in the shot put and the long jump. There will be 3 attempts at each height in the high jump.
  7. Use ¼ inch spikes or less.
  8. Club scoring for the meet will be the same for individual events and relay events. 1st=6 points, 2nd=4 points, 3rd=3 points, 4th=2 points, 5th= 1 point.
    • Event points are not added into all-sports totals.
  9. A runner will be disqualified on his or her 2nd false start.
  10. Official track and field rules will be followed on all events unless the meet director rules otherwise.

M/W = Men's and Women's

Field Events:

M/W Shot Put

M/W Long Jump

M/W High Jump

Track Events:

Women's 60 Meter Low Hurdles

Men's 110 Meter Low Hurdles

M/W 100 Meters

M/W 800 Meters

M/W 200 Meters

M/W 1600 Meters 


Rick Judd, Intramural Director

Box 11000

Oklahoma City, OK 73136

Ph. 1.800.877.5010

Ph. 405.425.5914

fax 405.425.5901