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Special Events

1. OC’s annual “History Speaks” event welcomed civil rights pioneer Diane Nash, who co-founded the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), helped make Nashville the first southern city to desegregate lunch counters, and led one of the early Freedom Rides to protest segregation.
2. OC’s “Ethos Presents” series brought Christian author Jen Hatmaker to campus in January to speak to two capacity crowds in Hardeman Auditorium.
3. Popular recording artist Ben Rector played to thousands of people in the Thelma Gaylord Forum in December.
4. Famed author and television host Rick Steves made a return visit to OC to give European travel tips to a full house in Hardeman Auditorium.
5. Biblical scholar Pete Enns discussed faith and science at OC’s McGaw Lecture in April.
6. Gabe Lyons, founder of Q Ideas, addresses the crowd at OC’s Intergenerational Faith Center Dialogues in February.
7. Barna Group president David Kinnaman, who co-authored unChristian and Good Faith with Lyons, speaks during the IFC Dialogues.
8. At the 2017 Associates Gala, President John deSteiguer and Lee Allan Smith present OC’s “Spirit of Oklahoma” Award to the Green family, the Christian entrepreneurs behind Hobby Lobby, Mardel, Hemispheres, and the Museum of the Bible, Left to right: Jackie Green, Steve Green, Lauren Green McAfee, Michael McAfee, Erica Green, and Derek Green.
9. Lee Allan Smith speaks at OC’s Associates Gala in April.
10. Dr. Heath Jones (94) and the OC Jazz Ensemble provided outstanding dinner entertainment at the Associates Gala.
11. John and Darla deSteiguer with Charles and Jeanene Bare in the Eagle Society Reception prior to the Associates Gala.

Spring 2017

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