Oklahoma Christian’s Biblical Studies students combine education with faith

Oklahoma Christian University is no stranger to providing a strong, faith-based education to students. From academics to athletics, the core of everything at OC is the desire to grow students in their faith and their ability to serve God.

While each college and department on campus provides the fundamental tools for students to grow professionally and spirituality, the College of Biblical Studies offers students a wide range of possibilities for learning and careers.

The college is a perfect fit for students considering a career in spreading the word of God and wanting to study the Bible from a religious, historical, and literary perspective.

Undergraduate faith programs

The college integrates scripture with history, religious culture, and practical applications needed to live spiritually in everyday life. The curriculum provides a comprehensive view of faith and ministry.

“We want students to grow in their faith and study how their faith informs the way they interact with current issues.” Dr. Charles Rix

“We’re not just training students in Bible knowledge; we want students to have faith,” said Dr. Charles Rix, interim dean of the College of Biblical Studies. “We want students to grow in their faith and study how their faith informs the way they interact with current issues.”

Multiple degrees are available through the college. Students can earn bachelor’s degrees in Bible, Bible and Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Missions, Preaching Ministry and Youth Ministry. Students also can earn a second major in Vocational Ministry.

The college offers a huge selection of courses, including Teaching the Bible, Missions in the Contemporary World, and Adolescent Spirituality. Students from other OC colleges can pick up a minor at the college in Church History, Missions, and Biblical Languages.

Graduates from the College of Biblical Studies have gone on to careers in ministry, mission work, and teaching. Program alumni often work with churches not only in Oklahoma, but across the United States and around the world.

Committed and respected faculty

The success of students is due in part to the enthusiastic and encouraging nature of Biblical Studies professors.

The college boasts a sizable faculty with a diverse educational background. Many of the college’s professors have degrees from esteemed universities, including Oxford, Edinburgh, and Wheaton.

While the academic background of the college’s faculty is impressive, it’s the practical application and passion for ministry that affects students.

“Not only do our professors have quality academic training; we’re all involved in ministry,” Rix said. “We’re actively speaking and doing seminars in churches. Because we have both academic and ministry backgrounds, we’re able to bring students along in both those areas.”

Professors approach each class and subject with enthusiasm and passion. This dedication sets students up for success. Benjamin McCoy, the OC student body president and a senior Bible major, said this enthusiasm motivates students.

“The professors push for you to be your best,” McCoy said. “I feel like I had a lot of potential that was just energy sitting there and now it’s kinetic. I can see the results of my work and what God is doing.”

McCoy says professors encouraged him to pursue a prestigious internship with Lifeline Chaplaincy, a Church of Christ organization focused on hospital ministry.

“People say you have to find a mentor,” McCoy said. “OC makes it easy to connect with a professor. They’re always willing to talk with you and they’re so passionate about their work. People really care about others here, and they want to do the best for each other.”

Non-major opportunities, missions, and programs

The College of Biblical Studies is still a staple on campus for non-majors. All students have the opportunity to connect with the school during their tenure at OC. Every undergraduate student is required to complete a Bible class each semester, enabling them to grow and learn in their faith.

But opportunities for connecting with the college aren’t limited to OC undergrads. The Summer Theology Academy for high school students kicks off in 2017. The program will introduce participants to a variety of faith-based discussions in hopes of sparking real thought about how faith relates to modern-day issues and events.

Another cornerstone of the College of Biblical Studies is the Center for Global Missions. The office is housed in the college and organizes the university’s mission trips and activities. The OC campus relies heavily on this office to help lead in the example of serving Christ and His Kingdom. It’s a great place for OC students to learn more about mission opportunities.

Theology graduate program

The College of Biblical Studies also houses the Graduate School of Theology. The program offers graduate students an opportunity to further their knowledge of scripture, divinity, and ministry. Program participants include professionals already working in ministry and other faith-based careers.

Three master’s degrees are available through the school: Divinity, Theological Studies, and Christian Ministry. Each provides students with a deeper personal and academic understanding of faith.

Program alumnus Benjamin Williams of Glenpool Church of Christ said the school transformed his approach to ministry.

“OC provided me an opportunity to deepen my understanding of scripture and gain a practical knowledge about actual congregational settings,” Williams said.

He said professors bring their unique convictions to the table, helping provide a wide range of knowledge and perspective.

“Students come away from the program with a really broad appreciation of what’s out there and what’s been said about Scripture throughout history … and what’s being said now,” Williams said. “They teach you how to talk about it.”

Regardless of a student’s goals at OC, the university equips each and every individual on campus with the fundamentals to grow in faith and serve God.

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