OC students win Model Arab League contest

Oklahoma Christian students won top honors for the fifth straight year at the Southwest Model Arab League competition.

Representing Algeria, OC beat out 20 other schools for the Outstanding Delegation award, including Baylor University, Oral Roberts University, and Texas A&M University.

“The different universities will represent a country on five different committees,” said Professor of Political Science Raymon Huston, OC’s Model Arab League sponsor. “The students will try to present that country’s opinions on past resolutions and just try to be the best they can for that country.”

Two students from each university serve as diplomats on each of the five committees. Each OC student received the Outstanding Delegate award for his or her committee. In addition, the only OC student to serve as a committee chair received the honor of Distinguished Chair.

Huston said the competition is a perfect tie-in to the goal of OC’s Department of History and Political Science.

“Part of what our department wants for students is a global perspective and understanding of other cultures,” Huston said. “In the Model Arab League, they have to truly understand the beliefs and actions of another country and how that fits into the whole culture of the Middle East. They not only have to know the perspective of the country they’re representing, but the perspectives of all the Arab countries, so it gives them an idea of what other countries believe.”

For more information about OC’s Department of History and Political Science, go to www.oc.edu/historypolisci.

Summer 2016

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