OC’s Miller named Edmond Citizen of the Year

The Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce named Oklahoma Christian University professor Dr. Ken Miller as its 2015 Citizen of the Year at its annual awards banquet.

Miller teaches classes in OC’s College of Business Administration and Graduate School of Business in addition to serving as Oklahoma’s state treasurer.

A former state representative, Miller was honored for devoting his life to public service and distinguishing himself in banking, education and legislative service.

“I was stunned and embarrassed by the honor because my work is no more important than many others throughout our community; it’s just that my job is more in the public eye,” Miller said. “Being a member of the OC family has long been a reason for the community’s support of me in my public service. This recognition has as much to do with my work at Oklahoma Christian as my work at the State Capitol.”

As a teacher, Miller has been honored with the “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” award and the Merrick Foundation Award for Excellence in Teaching Free Enterprise.

As treasurer, he manages more than $22 billion of taxpayer money each year, safeguards the financial health of the state, promotes responsible fiscal policy and operates the state’s unclaimed property program.

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