OC hosts Museum of the Bible exhibit

Oklahoma Christian hosted a traveling exhibit of Museum of the Bible in the fall.

Sacra Pagina features centuries-old artifacts that highlight ways people approach and study the Bible. Some of the exhibit’s highlights included: 13th-century letters from Jerome, the person responsible for the Latin Vulgate (the Bible used by Roman Catholics); Erasmus’s Greek New Testament from 1521, which was used in the construction of the King James Version of the Bible; Martin Luther’s 16th-century translation of the New Testament, which was a driving force behind the Protestant Reformation; the Bodmer Papyri; and a replica of a portion of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

“The Green family’s impact has been deep and wide in our community and, really, all over the world,” OC president John deSteiguer said. “OC students are blessed with opportunities to visit the Green Collection of biblical texts and artifacts here in Oklahoma City. We’re excited to display a portion of the collection here on the Oklahoma Christian campus for the public to experience and enjoy.”

The Green Collection is a compilation of around 40,000 objects that includes some of the rarest and most significant biblical texts and artifacts ever assembled under one roof. In addition to traveling exhibits like the showing at Oklahoma Christian, guests will be able to experience the collection year-round when Museum of the Bible opens its 430,000-square-foot museum in Washington, D.C., in 2017.

“Having a portion of the Museum of the Bible’s collection on campus allows students and visitors to have a truly unique experience with biblical related artifacts,” Professor of New Testament and Ministry John Harrison said. “Walking through the exhibit, visitors can see for themselves significant items that tell the large story of how the Bible has been received and passed on for thousands of years. Many visitors will walk away from this exhibit with a new or greater appreciation for the impact the Bible has made on so many people and cultures.”

Summer 2016

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