Observatory Opens at Noble Science Wing

Gifts from OC programmer Tom Stafford, the Seminole chapter of the Oklahoma Christian Women’s Association, and private donors helped OC install and equip an observatory dome on the roof of the Noble Science Wing. 

Previously, OC’s telescope was kept in the physics lab. Students had to take it up and down the stairs each time they used it. The new dome maximizes time for studying the sky, with MAXIM DL Software and the computer-controlled motorized mount allowing students to take pictures and conduct research from downstairs in a Noble Science Wing classroom.

Adjunct Professor of Astronomy Dave Compton (93) said one of the highlights since the dome’s installation was the ability
to track a star and take pictures of it through an entire night because of the robotic setup.

The data collected helped identify an exoplanet orbiting around the star, allowing OC’s students to contribute to an astronomy database. 

Spring 2013

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