NAC Spotlight


HOMETOWN: Richmond, Texas
CURRENT JOB: Vice President of NewFirst National Bank
CHILDHOOD AMBITION: To become a professional baseball player.
FONDEST MEMORY: My wife speaking to me after our first date when I thought I had no chance. Also, passing the CPA exam.
WILDEST DREAMS: Retirement and driving around town in a restored 1956 Chevy pickup.
PROUDEST MOMENT: When my three daughters were baptized and the birth of my two grandsons.
BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Knowing when to give advice.
INDULGENCE: Watching FOX News, Shark Tank and American Pickers.
INSPIRATION: My parents, who quietly sacrificed in order for me to attend Harding Academy High School and Oklahoma Christian College.
MY LIFE: Striving to put others first, to help those in need, and attempting to be a good example to all that I meet.
MY SCHOOL: OC was the best place for me to spend my college years. I was very blessed in meeting my wife of 33 years as well as one of my daughters meeting her husband at OC. It was truly a blessing that all three of my daughters freely chose to attend Oklahoma Christian.


HOMETOWN: Edmond, Oklahoma
CURRENT JOB: I’m staying at home with our newborn baby!
CHILDHOOD AMBITION: It varied throughout my childhood: an astronaut, a famous author, a U.S. president, a Rockette, a WNBA star. Even as a young child, however, I was more concerned about doing my best in whatever I was involved in at the time than fantasizing about ambitions.
FONDEST MEMORY: Last year, my husband Drew and I traveled around Europe for a month. I will always treasure the time we spent together and all that we experienced on our trip.
WILDEST DREAMS: I hope to write a book someday. Even if it never gets published, I want to feel the satisfaction of having produced something that matters to me.
ALARM CLOCK: I said goodbye to the luxury of sleeping in once our baby was born!
FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: Different Bible verses speak to me at different stages of my life. During my pregnancy, I was constantly reminded of Psalm 139:13-16.
PROUDEST MOMENT: More than being proud of a single moment, I am proud of the decisions – big or little, easy or tough, with certainty or uncertainty – that brought me to where I am today.
BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Daring to be different. I’ve always thought of myself as different, but only now have I come to truly embrace who I really am.
INDULGENCE: I often find myself dreaming about feelings I haven’t felt, knowledge I haven’t acquired, and possibilities I haven’t explored. Reading is enlivening and refreshing to me.
MY LIFE: I’m overwhelmed with gratitude to God for the opportunity to enjoy the life He’s given me.
MY SCHOOL: OC is a life-changing place. I was challenged to reexamine what I previously believed to be true, and it was here I first connected with a world bigger than myself. I learned how to think more deeply, love greatly, and live more boldly. I was surrounded by people who cared about my future, fueled my passions, and helped me shape my dreams. And, most importantly, it was at OC that my faith truly became my own.

Spring 2017

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