Eyes up Visuals company launches with exciting tech Updates

Ruth Miller (20)

Last spring, Vision covered VisuALS, an eye-tracking system developed by Oklahoma Christian students that enabled those with ALS and other debilitating diseases to communicate. 

Even though the students who began VisuALS have graduated, the project has grown into a successful company. 

Since its launch, VisuALS has transformed the lives of patients not only in Oklahoma, but in 12 other states.

Plans are in the works to expand the number of clinics with VisuALS devices so even more can benefit from the project.

Many of the original team members still remain in leadership roles in the company. Preston Kemp (17) has become the chief product officer, and Tyler Sriver (17) acts as the chief technology officer. Professor Steve Maher, the initial CTO, now serves as a strategic advisor. 

In addition to their roles in the company, veteran team members mentor current OC students. An OC Engineering systems team is working with VisuALS to develop a hardware enhancement for the system. 

Students have helped improve the technology in many ways. For example, sophomore Brendan McKinley developed a method for the VisuALS software resize to fit any screen.

Members of VisuALS say “their passion for helping ALS patients through VisuALS helps feed their souls.” They look forward to continuing their services and growing the company in the coming years.

Spring 2018

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