AbideThe campus community meets every weekday at 11 am for "Big Chapel" in Hardeman Auditorium.

Our theme in chapel for this semester is ABIDE.  

Taken right out of the Gospel of John, Jesus uses the imagery of vines, branches and fruit to describe where our source of joy, endurance, fruitfulness and identity hinge on. It's not in striving for those things, but rather abiding in the one who cultivates those in us as we remain in Him. 

So this semester we have 1 Passage and 1 Pursuit- In all things, Abide (remain) in HIM. 

This semester our chapel planners, speakers and guests will help imagine as a community what it looks like to abide in Christ in the everyday. We will also begin every Monday chapel with the reading of John 15:1-11 so these words can form us into more faithfulness. 

OC also offers specialized gatherings including Missions Chapel, Seekers Chapel, Women's Chapel, Great Songs Chapel and Departmental Chapels.

Daily Chapel has been a valued OC tradition since the university began in 1950. It provides a time to focus on our Creator, worship together as a community, deepen faith, and seek inspiration. 

Here are some of the classic traditions that make up the experience of the first day of Chapel every fall.

A recent "Unity Chapel" featured talented students Robbie Hurlocker, David Bowden and Drew Chancey.

Astronaut Doug Wheelock spoke to the OC community in Chapel after he returned from his mission as commander of the International Space Station. 

Astronaut Doug Wheelock appeared live from the International Space Station in a first-of-its-kind "Space Chapel."

Special "International Chapels" celebrate the rich diversity of OC students and the opportunities our students have to study abroad.

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