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Application due: November 2, 2014

Kigali, Rwanda
Late May 2017 (tentative)
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Leader Contact(s):
Shaida Kamali (email)

(OC/Rwanda Project)

Are you interested in travelling to Rwanda to get a first hand experience of Rwandan Culture?  Travel to Rwanda with current OC Rwandan Students. A mission project to Rwanda is an opportunity to see where they have came from, learn about Rwandan culture, and get involved in activities that will make a difference for the Rwandan community.

Oklahoma Christian has a strong relationship with Rwanda strengthened by the Rwandan Presidential Scholarship (RPS) program initiated by H.E President Paul Kagame with the help of  OC President, Dr. Mike O’Neal and Richard and Pat Lawson.

Rwandan students have gained a lot of knowledge as they built connections with the American culture and community. OC has become for them a home away from home. These students have initiated several projects to give back to their community. Rwandans4Water, Rwandan Girls Empowerment and ELE Rwanda are examples.  These initiatives are making a difference in many Rwandans’ lives and they want to share their culture with you. 

Activities planned for this project involve working with churches, drilling a water well with Rwandans4Water, visiting Families of OC Rwandans, the sights and sounds of Rwandan culture and many more.

Through staying with Christian families in Rwanda, OC Missions students will be able to share and learn from the families about faith and life.