R.A.M. - Rural America Ministries

R.A.M. - Rural America Ministries
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Southwestern, OK
May-June 2015
Approximate Cost
$650 (per 4 week mission)
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Jim Weaver email

Vision for Rural Missions

For so long, rural communities were considered the heartland of America, the moral bedrock of our culture.  Those days are gone.  One example of the moral and spiritual decay that is rampant in these communities is drug abuse.  According to a report by the National Survey of Drug Use and Health, meth use was twice as prevalent among 18-25 year olds in rural communities as it was among their urban counterparts. But this is only one piece of the fractured mosaic.

Many churches in these communities are struggling to survive. They need hope; a vision for the future, beginning now.  How do they bridge the gap between the faith of their fathers and the doubts of their children? How do they respond to the burgeoning and diverse needs of their communities with the love of Christ that results in transformed lives?  R.A.M. has an answer.

R.A.M. stands for ”Rural America Ministries.” It is a ministry recently born out of the awareness of the increasing spiritual decline of rural America and the power of Christ’s love to reverse it.  Part of R.A.M.’s vision is to recruit Christian students from state and Christian universities and form short-term “mission teams” to go into these rural communities during their summer break.  We are presently recruiting two teams of 4-5 students each.  These two teams will be ministering in a total of 5 communities within a 3 county area of southwestern OK.  This life-changing mission will last from May 21st-June 21st, 2014.

Join Our Rural Missions Team!

Jesus’ ministry was a combination of evangelism, discipleship and serving others. Your ministry as a R.A.M. Summer Missions team member will model the same. Working alongside the ministers and members of the churches and communities we have targeted, you will have daily opportunities to experience ministry on a personal level. While R.A.M.’s primary focus is on children, teenagers and young adults, because rural communities typically represent a close-knit multi-generational community, your outreach will also include older adults. Activities could include community service projects and outreach activities such as cookouts in the city park, VBS or evangelistic bible studies. You will also have opportunities to mentor and disciple younger Christians. Some team members will serve as counselors at the Cordell Christian Camp, a camp hosted by the 4th & College church every year for the children of Cordell.

While you will be actively ministering to others, you also will be ministered to.  You will have several opportunities to be personally discipled and mentored in individual and group settings.  You will participate in weekly discipleship groups that will explore the teaching of the Kingdom as revealed in the Gospels and how that applies to our lives as disciples of Jesus today.  You will have opportunity every day to reflect and record through private devotions and journaling the spiritual insights of your rural missions experience. If you are an Oklahoma Christian University student you will have the option of earning college credit for your participation in RAM.

At the heart of your involvement this summer will be the building of relationships with children, adolescents and other adults, and through those relationships, showing them the genuine love of Jesus.

We believe we are standing at the edge of a great opportunity. Rural America is ripe for the harvest. If you believe God is calling you to be a part of His work in rural America through R.A.M. then download an application and submit it today or contact us at:  raministries@live.com  with any questions.  You may also visit our website at: http://raministries.com.  We would love to talk with you further!

For His glory,

Jim Weaver

Executive Doulos