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Chikombe, Malawi
June-July, 2015
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Haley Wulfert (email)

Malawi Children with StudentsMalawi is known as the “Warm heart of Africa,” and for good reason.  Never have I encountered a culture so welcoming, friendly, and so full of joy and happiness.  The people are very friendly and welcomed us with open arms.  They are starving for the word of God and are actively seeking the truth.  There are great physical needs in Malawi, but there is a greater need for truth and The Word of God.  Malawi Orphan Ministries was created to meet both of these needs within the lives of the helpless children in Malawi.

What started as a calling now is a full-fledged ministry focused on helping the helpless.  Malawi Orphan Ministries, better known as M.O.Ms started out as a feeding center where orphan children could come to receive a large hot meal.  It does not seem like a whole lot, but in a country ravaged by HIV/AIDs and poverty one meal is everything.  Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries and is plagued with one of the highest percentages of people living with the HIV/AIDs virus.  It is easy to understand how a country such as this has over 1.5million at-risk orphans.   

MOMs currently has three sites that feed up to 350 children per day.  MOMs employs nationals at each feeding site that are paid $1.00usd a day($100MK-Malawi Kwacha), which is a very good salary.  The latest undertaking by the organization is an orphan village that is currently being built in the Senga Bay District of East-Central Malawi, in the Chikombe village.  Once completed, the orphan village will be host to 100 live in orphans that will receive three meals a day, clean running water, and a religious education through high school.  The organization is hoping to partner with the Malawian Bible College located in the country’s capitol, Lilongwe, to help the MOMs graduates receive higher education opportunities.            

Malawi hugeThe Summer 2014 trip will consist of a variety of activities.  The orphan village is still under construction and will need as many hands as possible to continue the building.  The feeding program and the preschool have begun the trial period on the property, which will also need help in different areas.  In addition, the local director would like to see a VBS done for the children of the village.  Most importantly, we will need to continue building relationships with the villagers, village chiefs, and the village head man in order to maintain local support. There are several opportunities and ways to serve in Malawi if you have the willingness to go and be used by God.