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May 2017
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Jeff McMillon and Hudson Hutchinson (email)

Memorial Road Campus Ministry

For the past ten years during the month of May a group of college students from all over the country board a plane and head to Ghana, West Africa. The majority of the time spent in Ghana is at the Village of Hope orphanage. The primary goals of the trip are to build relationships with the orphans who live at the Village of Hope and to organize and teach a VBS week for their entire school from 1st-9th grade.

Additionally, the group plans various events such as a Mother’s Day party and one giant birthday party for children whose birthdays may not otherwise be recognized.

Students also reach out to the surrounding villages by playing games with the local children as well as bringing toys, clothes, and school supplies. 

In addition, an important component of this mission is to bring clean water sources to surrounding villages that do not have access to it.  During this past trip to Ghana, we were able to financially and physically aid in the drilling of three local wells. 

On top of providing clean water, students also minister to spiritual needs through sharing Jesus… and the living water that is His salvation.  On the most recent trip, the group was able to reach out to hundreds of Ghanaians in several small villages and baptized six people, including a devout Muslim young man.

This trip works hard to place the focus on restoring the earth and humanity to the way our Lord intends it to be. Helping to provide opportunities in this life.  Clean water to contribute to healthier societies, school supplies so local teachers are able to do a better job in educating the next generation, making small loans to help people start their own businesses to support their families and villages.  And most of all sharing the hope that can be found in Jesus Christ.

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