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St. Thomas, USVI or
Grand Cayman, BWI
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St. Thomas, USVI or Grand Cayman, BWI

Get the taste of the Caribbean and Christian Missions at the same time!

Christ’s church is spreading rapidly throughout the Caribbean.  Many small yet growing island congregations have requested assistance from stateside Christians to help with community connecting activities.   These activities include hosting V.B.S programs, Gospel meetings and service projects, which build neighborhood relationships and introduce Christ to the culture

St. Thomas, USVI

St. Thomas is located in the U.S. Virgin Islands and no passport is needed for U.S. Citizens.  This island hosts two churches of Christ. This mission team will be assisting the newly formed church of Christ on the island, introducing the church to the community and helping with community projects.  The St. Thomas churches of Christ will be the hosts for a VBS.  The Mission team will be assisting with this project.


Grand Cayman, BWI

The Georgetown Church of Christ is the largest congregation on the island.  They need assistance with community connection and have chosen to do this through a Gospel meeting.  This mission team will help with advertising of the meeting and will assist the newly formed congregation on the East End of the island with community connections.  The West bay church of Christ will be hosting a VBS.  This mission team will assist with that project.

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