Audition Information

Audition Process

For the first round of auditions, New Reign applicants should submit a video consisting of the following:

  1. Two songs sung without accompaniment, at least one of which should be a song from New Reign’s Hello Mercy, Light Up The Sky, Refuge, Seven, or Made to Love projects. (Click here to listen to clips from New Reign’s CDs). It may benefit candidates to select songs of varying styles to best showcase their voices (Ex: one fast song, one slow song). You don’t need to sing the songs in their entirety; just do 1-2 minutes of each song (Ex: verse, chorus, bridge, end chorus instead of the whole song).
  2. A 30-45 second introduction of one of the songs as if you were introducing the song in concert (why the song’s message is meaningful to you, spiritual applications, etc.).
  3. Applicants for the vocal percussion position should also include 1-2 examples of doing vocal perc along with a song and/or beatboxing.

Submit your audition on a DVD or as a video file on a flash drive. Professional video/audio quality isn’t necessary (for instance, you can just record the video with your phone camera or on your laptop with iMovie), but you’ll want to be sure the recording adequately captures your vocal performance.

Each candidate also should submit complete an application in conjunction with their audition video. (Click here to download the application).

Please submit your audition videos and applications to Sonya Young in OC’s Student Life Office.


After the first round of auditions, a select number of applicants will be invited to callbacks, which will consist of a live solo audition (without accompaniment) and group singing/harmonizing with current New Reign members.

If you make it to the callback round of auditions, we request two references: 1) an elder or minister at the candidate’s home congregation; and 2) an OC faculty or staff member. (Incoming students can substitute another reference instead of an OC faculty/staff member). Please include the references’ phone numbers and email addresses.

Email New Reign’s director, Wes McKinzie, if you have questions about the audition process or other things related to New Reign.


What kind of students are you looking for?

Because New Reign is a ministry and because the group represents Oklahoma Christian University at events across the country, the selection of members goes beyond musical ability. We are obviously looking for talented singers and engaging performers, but a positive attitude and a heart for ministry are just as important as a great voice.

What are the requirements for membership?

Full-time undergraduate students at Oklahoma Christian University with a GPA of 2.5 or higher are eligible for New Reign. Members are required to maintain their full-time enrollment and remain above the minimum GPA throughout their time in the group. They also are expected to participate in all concerts and rehearsals. Each group member will strive to reflect Christ and promote a good image of OC in their daily lives, on tour, on social media, etc.

Can incoming students audition?

We generally select current OC students to give more students the opportunity to participate in New Reign over time, but we encourage incoming students to audition because it can be helpful to go through the process, both for the experience and to plant a seed for future auditions.

Do you have to be a music or religion major to be in the group?

We invite all interested students to audition regardless of major.

Will people who are selected for the group have to re-audition the following year?

The membership of all returning members is up for review each year. There always is the possibility we’ll need to replace a singer for musical, academic, or other reasons.

Who selects the group members?

New Reign director Wes McKinzie supervises the audition process, and make decisions in consultation with current group members and other musicians.

Do the members receive scholarships?

New Reign members receive a scholarship package of up to $10,000 per year ($5,000 for the June/July summer tour and $2,500 per semester). The New Reign scholarship is stackable with one other OC award/discount up to full tuition.

What kind of music does the group perform?

New Reign performs a wide variety of a cappella music, ranging from soft ballads to upbeat pop/R&B-style songs. Our songs have a Christian focus and emphasis, with the primary goal of glorifying God and ministering to individuals at each concert. Click here to listen to clips from the group’s recordings.

Any questions about New Reign?
Please contact Wes McKinzie