OC/Acappella Connection

Oklahoma Christian has always had a reputation for outstanding music. And if you wanted to put together a jam session featuring a lot of your favorite acappella songs, the OC alumni directory wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Check out this roster of talented singers, engineers and other ministry workers who went from OC to prominent acappella groups (or vice versa):

Kevin Allsup Sweet Deliverance
Allen Brantley* Acappella
Rodney Britt Acappella, Sounds of Glory
Shellie Bynum Acappella Ministries (intern)
Luke Coles* Acappella, Rescue
Will Coleson* Acappella Ministries (engineer)
Justin Elliott Acappella (engineer)
Michael Forehand AVB (engineer), Vocal Union, Watershed Worship
Zac George Acappella
Joshua Gulley Acappella Ministries (intern)
Malcolm Himes* Acappella
Jabbarri Jones* Acappella
Anthony Lancaster Acappella, Durant
Steve Maxwell** Acappella, Freedom
Wes McKinzie Acappella, AVB, Psallo
Raymond Mobley* Acappella
Robert Orr Acappella (engineer), Vocal Union
Max Plaster AVB
Chet Sweet Acappella (engineer), Revival (engineer)
Danice Sweet Acappella Ministries (backup singer), Revival
Bret Testerman AVB, Freedom
Zachary Wilson Acappella

  * Former member of New Reign

** Graduated from Cascade College, OC’s branch campus in Portland, Oregon

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