Graduate Software Downloads

The University has made available several software titles and discount benefits for students who are graduating and employees.

You will need an OC user name and password to access these downloads. Your download will be quickest on campus, and if you are connected with an ethernet cable.

Many of these downloads are in an ISO format that must be burned to a CD using your built-in CD writer. If you need assistance with burning an ISO to a CD please check out this FAQ.

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Microsoft Campus Agreement (Graduates)

The Microsoft software has been made available to Graduating Students from any undergraduate or graduate program. Students graduating from the University during the term of this Campus Agreement may legally own this Microsoft software.

Employee Home Use:

Employee software benefits that are available for use on personal systems are outlined here. (Please note that these software benefits are available only while employed by the University and are not transferrable.)

Anti-Virus Software "Sophos": The University's current license agreement provides for the use of the Sophos anti-virus software a personal home computer. You may use the link in the table above to install this software on your home computer**.

**Many home network service providers, including AT&T and Cox Communications, provide virus protection software and services at no additional charge. It is recommended that, when available, you take advantage of these services for your home computer and not use the virus protection software provided by the University.

Microsoft Home Use Program: Employees are eligible for discounted pricing on Microsoft Office products. Visit our MS Home Use site to learn more.