Recommended Systems

OC students are required to have a laptop computer that meets the specifications below, to ensure compatibility with software and functionality needed in some courses. The laptop students use as part of the "Bring Your Own Device" program should also support one of these standard web browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome (preferred).

CPU: Intel Core i5 or better
Memory: 8GB RAM or better
Storage: 250GB or more
Operating System: Windows 10 (or better), OR Mac OS High Sierra (or better)

Students majoring in Art & Design, Computer Science, or Engineering are strongly encouraged to ensure their machines have  Microsoft Windows. (For Apple users, Microsoft Windows will be provided at no cost to the student for installation using Boot Camp).

Please note: In addition to the suggestions above, some academic departments may have additional machine requirements.  Please inquire of your specific department or, if you're new to OC, touch base with your admissions counselor for assistance.

On-site hardware repair is available for machines purchased through recommended vendors Apple and Dell.

You can receive discounted systems at each of the links below:

Apple Store

Dell Store