Planning a trip to Vienna? Why not stay at Das Millicanhaus?

Cheaper than most local hotels and nicer than a hostel, Das Millicanhaus can offer you a clean and comfortable room while you are in Vienna.  

Depending on availability, some rooms have a kitchenette and/or small living areas. All rooms are a good size and have a refrigerator, closet space and private bathroom. 

Room Rates:
Single - $60 USD per night*
Double room - $85 USD per night*
*Must pay cleaning fee upon departure of 20,50 EUR.

Alumni and friends of OC: Ask for the special OC rate when reserving your room.

Even though there will not be some of the usual perks of a hotel room (like daily cleaning service), be assured you will feel at home at Das Millicanhaus. It is close to public transportation and in a safe neighborhood.

To place a reservation, send an email to