Study Programs

Thinking about Study Abroad? Some of the choices offered at Oklahoma Christian include:


European Studies

Get to know the rest of the West on one of OC's European Studies trips. Pick your program:  Summer, Fall or Spring.   See famous works of art, hear the history and experience the adventure.


Asian Studies

Discover the wonders of the East! Climb the Great Wall of China, hone your chopstick skills, and practice calligraphy. Enjoy six weeks country-hopping literally on the other side of the world.



Giving is truly better than receiving! Students spend two weeks in May in a practicum type experience. Open to all majors, this trip is especially geared towards nursing, science, Spanish, education and TEFL majors.


Study and Travel Courses

These unique programs are short-term and have limited offerings. Check the schedule for upcoming programs.              


Long-Term Exchange Studies

Living in a culture is different from visiting one. OC's Long-Term Exchange programs are your opportunity to experience "living" abroad. Learn a language, make cross-cultural friendships, and gain a broader worldview.


CCCU Programs

Where will you study this year? Costa Rica? Oxford? Middle East? A film school in Los Angeles? Let OC and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) give you some options!