Study Abroad

group of student standing in front of historic building listening to speaker

The mission of Oklahoma Christian University's Study Abroad program is to deepen and broaden students' intellectual, social, spiritual, and aesthetic awareness as they study, travel, and serve in other cultures.

Watch this short video to see what noted travel author Rick Steves said about OC's Study Abroad programs when he visited our campus.

Experiential learning at its best - history, religion, philosophy, art, and literature come alive as students link their study with their experience. Just because you are out of the classroom doesn't mean you can't study!

The world is the classroom: hike the Great Wall, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, visit ancient ruins, explore the Coliseum in Rome and many other magnificent historical sites as you ignite your passion for learning.  


Students' faith is stretched and strengthened through service and mission opportunities with churches, shelters, and communities around the world. The powerful and simple message of Jesus comes alive!



Any questions about Study Abroad? Contact Kelsey Herndon.