Summer Housing FAQ's

If your paycheck or work hours are incorrect, you will either need to contact your supervisor or Susan Stanford ( in our Payroll Department. They will be able to assist you in correcting those discrepancies.

If you do not have a summer housing assignment, no early move-in's will be permitted. If you would like to move into your fall housing assignment prior to the opening of fall housing on August 18th, you will be required to sign up for the last summer housing session. The deadline to sign up for Summer Session #5 (July 28th - August 18th) is July 21st.

Request a summer housing application here.  

Students living on campus during the summer can pay for their summer housing charges either through their student account online or pay cash or check at the cashier's window in the Business Office, located in Heritage Plaza.

For summer housing payment questions, please contact your Personal Financial Counselor(PFC) in Financial Services.

Financial Services can be reached at 405.425.5190 or

To qualify for a summer housing reimbursement, two steps must be completed.

  1. You or your supervisor must notify Susan Stanford, in Payroll, that you are working on-campus.
  2. Complete the number of hours worked (28+ hours a week) to qualify for discounted housing.

If you work an average amount of 28 hours per week, your account will be credited back the 50% discount every two weeks. Please note that you will see your full summer housing cost reflected on your student account the beginning of summer. Each week you qualify for the reimbursement, you will see that discount applied to your student account.

Please note that you will see the full housing change on your account until you have qualified for reimbursement. Once you have qualified for the reimbursement, you will see that discount reflected on your student account. 

The standard discount applied to OC students who work for OC over the summer months is a 50% reduction in their housing costs. For example, if you are paying $150 per week, your housing rate would be reduced to $75 per week if you have met all qualifications.

The Cafeteria, Chick-fil-A and Alfredo's are closed for the summer. However there are multiple food and grocery options that can be found within a mile radius of campus.

Yes, room check will be held bi-weekly just like the fall and spring semesters.