Summer Housing


If you need housing over the summer, we have you covered! OC offers safe, convenient, and affordable on-campus summer living in the University Village Apartments, located in Phase 5, Phase 6Tealridge for students enrolled in either summer or fall classes, participating in a university-sponsored program, or campus job. Summer housing will not be offered in the Residence Halls or Phase 3 and Phase 4 due to different campus activities that take place over the summer. 

A Summer Housing Reservation must be made for anyone staying after April 28th at 10 am unless otherwise specified from The Office of Residence Life.  For example, if you plan to stay the night of April 28th, you will still need to complete a housing reservation and pay the appropriate summer housing fees. 

Even if you don’t know your summer housing plans but think you might stay on campus at some point during the summer, we highly encourage you to complete a summer housing application. Please note, if you do not complete the application before the deadline of March 9th, your room could be reserved by another student.

You will not need to complete a summer housing application if you are…

  • Graduating this semester, planning on transferring, or simply do not plan to return for the 2018 fall semester.
  • Staying because of a University sponsored event and do not need housing past these event dates (approved events and move-out dates listed below). The Coach or Leader of your group must contact us to verify your name and association with the group to ensure you have access to your room. If you are participating in one of these groups, you will receive additional instructions from us via email ( 
    • OKC Memorial Marathon: April 29th 
    • Softball: TBA
    • Baseball: TBA
    • Track / Field:TBA
    • Chorale: TBA
    • Nursing Missions: May 13th
    • New Reign: TBA
    • Summer Singers: TBA
    • Admissions Camp Counselors:TBA
    • SGA Leadership Retreat: TBA

*TBA (To Be Announced by Coach or Group Leader)

New This Summer!

  • Apartment Options: Summer housing has been consolidated to Phase 5, Phase 6, and Tealridge. Due to campus activities taking place on-campus this summer, Phase 3 and Phase 4 will not be available for housing during the summer.
  • Tealridge, Phase 5 & 6 Residents: No need to move! Complete the summer application before the deadline of March 9th and reserve your current bedroom for the time you select to stay on-campus for the summer. 
  • Phase 3, 4, and Residence Hall Residents: You will now be able to personally select your summer housing in Phase 5 or Phase 6! See “Reserve a Room” to learn more.
  • Application / Cancellation Fees: If housing is reserved prior to the submission deadline(s), the $25 application fee will be waived. Similarly, if cancellations are made prior to the cancellation deadline(s), the $25 cancellation fee will be waived. See “Apartment Options, Costs, & Sessions” for submission and cancellation deadlines.
  • Financial Aid: Students who are enrolled at least half-time in summer courses may be eligible to receive federal student loans, limited to the cost of attendance for summer. The cost of attendance is tuition, room, board, books, and some personal expenses. Students who are Pell Grant eligible may also be eligible to receive Pell funds in the summer for enrollment in at least half-time hours (6 credit hours for undergraduate students). Contact your Personal Financial Counselor (PFC) in the Financial Services office to see if you qualify.