Living & Learning Communities

Welcome to OC's Living & Learning Community!

Oklahoma Christian's Living & Learning Communities are made up of a community of students that share similar academic or special interests. All of OC's Living & Learning Communities are located within on-campus housing. These communities were created to strengthen our residents' engagement in campus life and to enhance and enrich the academic learning experience in and out of class. 

Why should you join a Living & Learning Community?

Check out some of these benefits!

  • Higher retention rates, demonstrating academic success at all ability levels
  • Greater academic support opportunities, such as convenient access to tutoring
  • Frequent interaction with faculty and staff outside the classroom
  • More positive perception of the residential experience
  • Greater connection to the university at large

Available Living & Learning Communities 

OC Honor's Program Offers Honors Housing @ Davisson

The Honors House at Davisson Hall offers highly talented students the opportunity to live in a community dedicated to equipping Christian students for the pursuit of academic excellence. This living environment for Honors Program students breaks down the boundaries between classrooms and dormitories. The dorm features a resident director who is a Christian scholar, such as an Honors alumnus or alumna. This integrates housing with academics, which ensures a smooth transition to the Honors curriculum and a successful first year at Oklahoma Christian. The dorm also features successful upper-class Honors students who serve as resident mentors and tutors.

The Honors House is a residence hall designed to provide a Christ-centered, dynamic learning environment focused on relationships for young leaders who are eager to make the most of their undergraduate experiences at Oklahoma Christian. The east wing is for male students, while female students live in the west wing of the building.

Learn more about Honors Housing and Programs Here.


The College of Business Administration Offers the CBA @ U House

The CBA @ U House is located on the third floor of University House. The CBA is unique living learning community designed to foster relationships and enhance the business students' educational experience. Students living in this community have access to a dedicated study space where they can meet with fellow students to work on class projects or form study groups.  

Residents also have access to a more convenient and personalized tutoring service. These tutoring services specialize in areas of business and are held right in U House. The College of Business Administration (CBA) also host events in the community to encourage spiritual development and provide networking opportunities with members of the business community.

Request an Application Here!


 CBA @ U House Frequently Asked Questions:

To ensure you reserve your space in the CBA @ U House Community, please follow these 4 Simple Steps:

  1. Complete the housing application from the Office of Residence Life.
  2. Submit a request to receive a Living Learning Application.
  3. Complete the living learning application. The application will be made available to you within 1-2 business days after we receive your request.
  4. Receive confirmation from that you have been added to this community and have a spot reserved in U House.

Applications for this community will be available before the beginning of each semester.

Although we highly encourage business major's to consider living in this community, it is not required.

Your preferred roommate can live with you in U-House, even if they are not a business major.

Please note that you MUST request an application before you can complete the Business Living Learning Application.

  1. Log into your MyOC Home account:
  2. Select the blue Get Started button on your home page
  3. Complete and Submit the application
  4. Receive an email from, confirming your submission and acceptance into the community.

*Incoming Students Login Information: Your username and password will be what was submitted to the Office of Admissions when you applied to OC. If you do not remember that information, please contact the Office of Admissions at (405) 425.5050.