Check-In Day

What you need to know for Check-In day:

To check-in, go to your assigned residence hall.  Housing staff will be there ready to assist you.

1. Can I get my bed bunked or debunked? Students may email requests to only during the first 2 weeks of classes. Any bed adjustments will take place during the first 2 weeks ONLY. If you make a request after the first 2 weeks, you will need to wait until the next semester. A reminder will be sent by the Resident Director to the residents to make sure everyone has an opportunity.

2. When do I get my key? Once you have checked in and completed your paperwork, a key will be issued or your ID card will be encoded.

3. Where do I put my trash or boxes? Dumpsters will be available in the parking lots during move-in. After that time period, trash cans, trash chutes, and trash rooms will be accessible.

4. Who do I tell if something doesn't work? Report any problems with the room on check-in day only to the Resident Director. After check-in day work orders can be turned into

5. Can I move my furniture around? Any freestanding furniture may be moved to make the room more comfortable; however, all university furniture must stay in the room.

6. When does curfew start? As soon as you move into your assigned housing, you are responsible for curfew or signing out so the housing staff will know where you are.

7. Where can I put my bike? There are secure bike storage rooms in Tinius East, University House South and University House North. All bikes in those storage rooms must be registered with the Hall Director of that dorm. Also, there are bike racks outside of Gunn-Henderson, Tinius, Wilson West, Wilson East, Fails, Davisson and Warlick.

8. Do you know when my roommate is coming? More than likely the housing staff will not have this information. It is recommended that you get in contact with your roommate before arriving.

9. My roommate isn't coming? Will I get another one or will I have this room to myself? More than likely you will be assigned a roommate. Private rooms, if available, are an additional $800 per semester.

10. When does the cafeteria open and what are the hours? The cafeteria opens on Monday, August 19, 2013 at 7 a.m. The normal hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

11. When can I buy my books?  Anytime during the summer online at www.okchristianstore.comThe bookstore is open throughout the summer and you can call us at 405.425.5260 if you have any questions.  Special times open in August 2013 include August 17, from 10-4; August 19-23, 8-5; August 24th, 12-4; August 25, 2-5. August 26 and beyond the bookstore will be open Monday thru Friday 8-5.  

 12. I wanted to live somewhere else or with someone else... how can I change this? Go ahead and move into the room you were assigned. You may then talk to the Resident Director and give them the information about where you would like to live to be added to a "wish list." You will receive a response about whether or not you will be able to move as soon as possible.

13. Do you have tools so I can put something on the wall? The dorm does not provide tools. Small nails and Plati-tak may be used to hang things in the dorm. Tape of any kind is unacceptable, double-sided or otherwise. Screws and large nails are also prohibited.

14. Can I paint the walls? No

15. Can I build shelves and put them in my room? You can only use shelves that are freestanding. Nothing is to be anchored to the walls. It is also recommended that you be able to move them in case a room change occurs during the year.

16. Where is the dorm storage? Due to liability reasons, OC no longer offers storage to students. This is non-negotiable.

17. Where do I buy cement blocks to raise my bed? Cinder and cement blocks are considered very unsafe and not allowed if being used to make the bed higher. Bed risers that were made solely for that purpose may be used and can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Target or Bed Bath and Beyond.

18. Can I use contact paper in my drawers? Shelf liner may be used if it does not have a sticky back. Anything with a sticky back should not be used as it is almost impossible to remove.

19. Can I bring my own desk chair or any other furniture for that matter? You may bring other furniture, but remember one major detail... the furniture that is in each room must stay in each room.

20. Where can I store this bed or mattress because I brought my own? Again, the furniture in the rooms must stay in the rooms. If you have documentation from a medical doctor stating you have to sleep on a certain bed or mattress, the exception must go through Judy Davis, the Director of Residence Life.

21. Can I have a cable cord for cable to connect my TV? Cable cords are not provided by OC. The student will need to purchase one somewhere else.

22. Are there guidelines as to what decorations I can use? Decorations with anything containing alcohol, tobacco, nudity, or profanity are not allowed. This includes shot glasses, posters and personal photographs.

23. Can I burn candles in my room? Candles cannot be burned in the residence halls. There cannot even be a candle with a burned wick sitting in the room. If you are going to decorate with candles, they must be unused candles.

24. How close can I get to the dorm to unload? Vehicles are not permitted to drive on sidewalks or grass.