Checklist: What to Bring/Not to Bring

Once you know your room assignment, it is a great idea to contact your roommate or roommates and coordinate what each person is bringing. Decisions should be made on who will bring the major items that will be shared among the room. These items include the TV, small refrigerator, microwave, small furniture, etc.

Decorating your room is a great way to express yourself, and many rooms allow for you to move around the furniture and configure to your personal liking. However, remember to keep open communication with your roommates and all school-issued furniture must stay in the room. Also, remember that decorations that go up need to comply with OC's Covenant and Student Handbook guidelines. 

Don't try to bring everything you own. OC does not provide storage space outside of the room assigned. 

Please note: Check with your policy or consider purchasing renter's insurance for coverage as OC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged belongings. 

What to Bring

These are not required, but may help direct you in what you may want to consider bringing. 

  • Identification (Student ID, state driver's license, social security card, passport)
  • Health Insurance ID card
  • Lockbox (personal valuable items)
  • Bedding (mattress pad, pillow, bed linens, blanket)
  • Alarm clock
  • Shower shoes, shower tote, bathrobe
  • Towels, washcloth, soap, shampoo
  • Non-halogen lamps for desk or floor
  • Laundry basket, laundry detergent
  • Power strips, extension cord
  • Poster putty, small thumb tacks for posters, pictures, decorations, etc.
  • Emergency kit (flashlight, batteries, first aid, sewing kit, etc.)
  • Assorted plastic containers with lids for storing (winter clothes, snacks, seasonal decoration items, etc.)
  • Umbrella
  • Drinking cups, dishes, and cutlery for snacks or small meals
  • Bucket with cleaning supplies and paper towels
  • Small room vacuum
  • Over-the-door mirror
  • Small microwave
  • Small refrigerator 
  • Fan
  • Bicycle, bicycle lock

What Not to Bring

These are items that are not permitted. This is not an exhaustive list, either. If you have questions about what not to bring, you are welcome to contact the Office of Residence Life. A good rule of thumb: if you have to ask yourself if it's allowed, it might be best to leave it at home.

  • Wireless router, hub (wireless routers are against campus policy and interferes with the campus-wide Internet connectivity.)
  • Halogen lamps, candles, small appliances with exposed heat coils
  • Hoverboards
  • Pets (except fish, tank must be 10 gallons or less)
  • Weapons (air pellet, soft pellet, water, paintball, BB, swords, knives, etc.)
  • Fireworks, explosive materials
  • Alcohol (even empty, decorative bottles)