UHS Floor Plan

University House South houses sophomore women.

There are 2 room suites that have a living room, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. The bedrooms are either shared by 2 students or are private.

The cost is $3,090 for a private room and $2,320 for a shared room per semester.

Each floor also has one private suite that has a shared bedroom with just the one bedroom. It's cost is $2,930 per semester

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Floor Plan - UHS first floor
Suite    Room Type
112 112 Shared with private suite
113 113A Shared
113B Shared
114 114A Shared
114B Shared
115 115A Shared
115B Shared
116 116A Private
116B Shared
117 117A Private
117B Shared
118 118A Shared
118B Shared
119 119A Shared
119B Shared

Floor Plan - UHS second floor
Suite    Room Type
211 211 Shared with private suite
212 212A Shared
212B Shared
213 213A Shared
213B Shared
214 214A Shared
214B Shared
215 215A Shared
215B Shared
216 216A Private
216B Shared
217 217A Private
217B Shared
218 218A Shared
218B Shared
219 219A Shared
219B Shared
220 220A Shared
220B Private

Floor Plan - UHS third floor
Suite    Room Type
311 311 Shared with private suite
312 312A Shared
312B Shared
313 313A Shared
313B Shared
314 314A Shared
314B Shared
315 315A Shared
315B Shared
316 316A Private
316B Shared
317 317A Private
317B Shared
318 318A Shared
318B Shared
319 319A Shared
319B Shared
320 320A Shared
320B Private
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