Davisson West Floor Plan

Davisson 5

The newly remodeled Davisson West Hall serves as home to OC's Freshman single women in the Honors Program. This residence hall is made up of two different type of rooms.

  • Shared 2-student bedroom
  • Private 1-student bedroom

This residential hall comes fully furnished and includes a community laundry facility. For additional information regarding residence hall furnishings and other housing related questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.


  • Predominantly Honors Program students
  • Community bathrooms  
  • Shared and private rooms available
  • Handicap-accessible room
  • Public and private lobbies 
  • Kitchen with dining area
  • Laundry room
  • Study rooms
  • Study carrels
  • Conference Room


  • Extra long mattresses
  • Can be bunked or may request a loft kit from their Resident Director.  Loft kits will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

Students must coordinate all bed modifications with their Resident Director, and will use the required hardware for safety. Any change made to the beds will be completed by the students. Students will be responsible for putting beds back to their original position at check-out or will be charged a $25 fine. If a student is physically unable to modify their bed, arrangements must be made with their Resident Director.

Students agree to modify and use bunked or lofted beds responsibly as per the Bunking & Lofting Waiver on the Housing Agreement.

Room Designs


Room Type Max Occupancy 
101 Shared 2
102 Shared 2
103 Private 1
104 Private 1
105 Shared 2
106 Shared 2
107 Shared 2
108 Shared 2
109 Shared 2

Room    Type Max Occupancy 
201 Shared 2
202 Shared 2
203 Shared 2
204 Shared 2
205 Private 1
206 Private 1
207 Private 1
208 Private 1
209 Shared 2
210 Shared 2
211 Shared 2
212 Shared 2
213 Shared 2
Wilson East First Floor×
Wilson East Second Floor×